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Main Street Ozark Success Story

The Roy L. Garner Memorial Pocket Park plays a vital role in what makes our town stick out. With café lights overhead, and color changing led lights, this is a place where people can go and enjoy the Ozark afternoons! 

No other person than Roy L. Garner deserves a park named after him! Roy devoted many years to the beautification of downtown Ozark. 

This park was designed by the Main Street Ozark Design Committee and all labor was volunteer. The crape myrtles were planted and cared for by Roy Garner and the stone walls were built primarily by Craig Birchler and his daughter Jessica. The park was dedicated to the memory of Roy Garner, in December of 2009 The memorial stone area landscaping was added in 2009 in his honor. It was designed by Franklin County Master Gardener President, Carol Evans. The bed was landscaped by Carol and her Master Gardener's. The project was funded through public donations, Main Street Ozark and the City of Ozark. 

Thank you Roy.
Jan 4, 1928 - Dec 15, 2008
A life well lived!

Roy L. Garner

Jan 4, 1928 - Dec 15, 2008

On the left is our beloved Roy Garner who started the downtown crape myrtle project for Main Street. It was his idea to have the City Council name the Crape Myrtle the City’s official plant.

Even better than that accomplishment, Roy recruited Bill Brandt to carry on his tradition. Under Bill’s leadership the number of downtown crape myrtles has increased to 71 and he takes care of them all as a Main Street volunteer at no charge to the city.