Ozark Area Depot Museum

The Missouri-Pacific Depot, Ozark, now the Ozark Area Depot Museum, is a historic railroad station and museum at 1st and River Streets in Ozark, Arkansas. It is a roughly rectangular stone structure with a hip roof, standing between River Street and the railroad tracks. On its southern (rail-facing) side a telegrapher's booth projects.

Housed in an old railroad depot on the edge of the Arkansas River, the Ozark Area Museum showcases the history of the town and has a collection of railroad relics. After the tour of the museum, you can have a small picnic in the garden around it. Grab a picnic table and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Historic River Bridge and the Lock and Dam with a couple of homemade sandwiches!

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Museum Artifacts 

Unique items of the Ozark Depot Museum!

These items are donated by citizens of Ozark, and want to display them for people like you! 

These artifacts are what help build Ozark. We are excited to share these with you! 

Ozark Area Depot Museum

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103 E River St, Ozark, AR 72949

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Ozark Area Depot Museum

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