Ozark Courthouse Square Historic District

The Ozark Courthouse Square Historic District encompasses the historic late 19th-century center of Ozark, Arkansas. It includes an area two blocks by two blocks in area, bounded on the west by 4th Street, the north by West Commercial Street (United States Route 64), the east by 2nd Street, and the south by West Main Street. Most of the buildings in the district were built between about 1890 and 1930, a period of significant growth occasioned by the arrival of the railroad, and are built either out of brick or locally quarried stone. Prominent buildings include the Franklin County Courthouse and the Bristow Hotel.

Nine square blocks comprise the project in Ozark, and today there are few empty buildings to be seen. Colorful new awnings and paint are signs of progress, as is the ingenious "pocket park." The small park spruces up a lot left vacant when a building had to be removed. An all-volunteer undertaking, the narrow strip includes plantings of flowers and crepe myrtles along with benches for taking a break. Fifteen blocks of new sidewalks constructed of large blocks of concrete with red brick borders, 60 old-fashioned replica street lights, installation of 24 park benches and more than 70 crepe myrtles in sidewalk planters are other indicators of the successful program.

The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.